Cold Porcelain ornaments?

I’ve been having fun experimenting with Cold Porcelain clay. I’m a little rusty at making flowers but I think I’ll get better in time as it comes back to me. I like the way it feels and the transparency is great too. Perfect for painting or dusting. I used an enamel sealant on them and that seems to have worked out very well.

Cold Porcelain rose

Here you can see the difference after I painted one with some Pearl paint. Love the way it shimmers in the light. 

 Lots more practice and ideas will make this one of my favorite mediums I think. I can see great possibilities using this clay. I’ve designed a necklace for a challenge but am unsure whether I’ll enter it or not at this point. I may just finish it up and add it to my Etsy shop instead.What do you think?

Roses in the snow

I made some other shapes and added some dimension with a couple of brass findings I had on hand and I think they look awesome. I can’t wait until they are dry so I can see what painting technique makes them pop.

Wouldn’t these make great ornaments for your tree this Christmas? I think so, a little glitter and some paint..hmm I like that idea. Maybe some silk ribbon to hang them from too. I’ll explore that more on another day soon.

making cold porcelain

Today I made my first batch of cold porcelain clay. It’s resting in a ziplock bag for 24 hours and I so want to play with it right now. I’ve been making Fondant and Gumpaste flowers for years so this should come easy to me (I hope).  It was sure easy to make. Check out this video. How to make Cold Porcelain Paste 

Tomorrow I’ll begin making some flowers and leaves and see how it works. If I succeed,I’ll put up some lessons on flower making so you can learn it too. I’m hoping to make some awesome flowers to use in my Jewelry design and sell in my store on Etsy. Stay tuned for more updates on this new adventure of mine.

Silk Ribbon in Jewelry making

Silk Ribbon and Roses Necklace

Today I took a very ugly heart filigree and turned it into something spectacular using some embossing powder in white opaque and then rubbing some viva inka gold in green yellow over the top. I love the way it turned out. Kind of antiqued it and totally changed the appearance. I then added some hand wired leaves and a large  green rhinestone flower to the top. Surrounding it are three small pink roses. I just love roses. You can find more photos at

heart filigree

The chain was a little bland so I added some Silk ribbon and knotted them with gold crimp beads. Very romantic and ultra feminine I think.


Finished heart filigree with roses

One of these days I’m going to make a video on how to make the wired leaves. They’re fun to make.  I just listed this piece in my Etsy shop today and now I am busy creating something else to make you drool.

Favorite things contest

Hop on over to this blog to find out the details of this cool contest. Just look at the prize, it’s  Wow piece isn’t it!

Featuring B’Sue Boutiques..come on in and meet her. You’ll love her!

Ok, today I am going to tell you about a Wonderful Lady I have met recently. Her name is B’Sue and she runs B’Sueboutiques. I can honestly say that she is the nicest person I have had the pleasure of dealing with since I started my Jewelry designing venture. You just have to go check out all the informative videos she has on you tube. I have learned so much in a short amount of time and my creative juices are on overdrive now.

Her jewelry is outstanding too and she’s just an inspiration to me what can I say, I really, really like this woman. Not just becasue she is so helpful and nice but because she loves what she does and it really shows in her work, videos and the way she deals with people.

One of B'Sues beautiful pieces


I spent hours last night just watching her videos and  learning as much about my craft as I can. They’re fun and informative, so do yourself a favor and check them out and then head on over to her boutique and grab some terrific things at GREAT prices and start creating. 

A few days ago I joined her new Creativity group on Flickr too. You should come join.  B’Sue makes these all so much fun you just can’t stop wanting to learn more. I’m telling ya, she’s the bomb guys and I am so thankful to have found her and you will be too if you are a jewelry artist, especially if you are  just starting out.

A Gorgeous Necklace by B'Sue

What am I going to make for Dinner?

What am I going to make for dinner tonight? I’ve asked myself that question so many times. Truth is, I have no idea at the moment. I find myself scouring the internet in search of something that will sound good. Hmm, let’s see, I have chicken thawed, so what do I do with it now? I think I’m stuck in a rut. The same old things pop into my head when I ask myself that question. I’d much rather be creating some unique piece of jewelry right now in my studio, but no… I have to figure this out first so the Hubby can eat after work. I sure wish a little magical Chef would appear in my kitchen and whip up something wonderful. Still waiting for that to happen. When they handed out the domestic gene I must have been off doing something else and missed it, because I sure don’t have it. 

I can bake, in fact I’m pretty good at it. Cake decorating, yup I can do that really well too, but we can’t very well have that for dinner every night. Time to dig out the Ole cookbook and see what’s under the chicken category.













Maybe I’m just not hungry enough to figure this out just yet. I think I’ll hop on over to Etsy and check in on my shop instead. That sounds like more fun than banging my head against a wall over dinner. I need to check in on bsueboutique and her flickr Creativity group too. Not enough hours in the day to do everything I want and fit in the things I HAVE to do. Such is life.

Which Etsy banner should I choose

I was looking over my Etsy store today and decided I really don’t like the banner I have. I had a choice to buy one or make one myself. I figured on buying one since I wasn’t sure how to create one that would look nice, but then I remembered  I had a program on my other computer that would work great.

It’s been a long time since I used Paint Shop Pro, but it started coming back to me as I fiddled with the buttons and  doodads. I designed three different Banners and can’t decide which one to use. Maybe someone out there can help me pick one so I can move on to the other things I need to get done.

Please post a comment and let me know which one you think would be better. It would really help me out. If you’d like to check out my new Boutique here’s the link

banner number 1

Banner 2

Banner 3

My Awesome Discovery

I found some awesome new products to use in my jewelry design today and I can’t wait to try them.  Have you ever heard of Gilder’s paste? Well it’s fantastic stuff and fun to play around with. Looks like shoe polish. I can see all kinds of possibilities using this to create some one of a kind pieces for my shop

You can change the color of anything, now how cool is that? My head is exploding with ideas. I’ve been so busy lately getting my storefront up and running that I haven’t had much time to be creative. I’m ready to jump back into the designing side of the business now and couldn’t be happier.

My ideas tend to come just before I fall asleep so I keep a small notebook beside the bed to write them down before I forget them. My poor hubby has to deal with a flashlight flickering and the sound of the pen scratching out a picture of what’s popped into my brain while he’s trying to sleep. He’s been very supportive of my new-found destiny, so I don’t think he minds all that much. I’m so lucky!






Grand Opening on ETSY

Finally I can say my new shop is open for Business. Took me all day to get everything done and ready. Lots of headaches along the way but it looks good except for the banner that is. Oh yes, the banner! It is proving to be my new nemisis and I am determined to get it right.  Come and check out the new store at but PLEASE ignore the banner for now. 

This is one of my favorite Creations. I had a really hard time figuring out exactly what to do with this bone. I knew I wanted it to be something very special and Unique but nothing was popping into my head about it until late one night as I was sleeping. Yup, that’s right, it came to me in a dream and luckily I happened to have everything I needed to creat this One of  a kind piece on hand already.

I love the way the dark Blue Crystals accentuate the face and it makes me think of the man in the moon. There’s something mysterious about it that intigues me. It’s going to be very hard to let this one go but onward to the next Design I suppose. I’m sure I will have many favorites as time goes by but this one will always remain close to my heart. Hope you’ll stop by the shop. Tamara 

Moon Pendant

Opening an Etsy shop

I’m so excited tonight! I’ve finally gotten everything together and am now ready to open my new shop on Etsy tomorrow. I’ve put everything into this, money,time and my soul. Hope it goes well so I can continue to Design and create one of a kind pieces. I so love designing Jewelry. It’s become part of me and I can’t see myself not doing it daily. My creative side is doing the happy dance right now.

The Crystal is really a very deep purple

I’ve been reading and watching tons of videos trying to learn all I can about this art.  I must say there’s a lot of information out there and my mind is absorbing it like a sponge. Can’t seem to get enough. Sometimes it feels like my head will explode with all the stuff I’ve been cramming it full of, but I love it!

What would you do if you got Laid off today?

WOW, I just heard that Erickson Crane is laying off 20% of it’s workforce. Those poor people, I really feel for them. I live in Medford Oregon and it just made the top 5 brokest cities and now! Such scary times we live in now. My heart goes out to those who find themselves without a job.

Falling Leaves

It’s turning cold here and I’m waiting for the leaves to fall.  Hopefully, they will fall soon before the rain comes. I’m not big on raking leaves at anytime but especially when they are wet.  Sure wish I could climb up and super glue them all in place.  I wonder if I could hire someone to do that?  Next Sunday is when we turn our clocks back again. I want to turn mine back to when I was young and loved  to play in the piles of fallen leaves.


Endless Possibilities

I love it when the creative juices are flowing like wild fire and things just seem to come together perfectly. A week ago I put together a necklace and just haven’t been happy with the way it turned out, so last night I reworked it and can’t believe what the changes have done for the piece. I guess I am obsessive over my Creations. Really, I just want them to reflect my vision for my shop. Today I will be starting something new and that’s always exciting for me. I’ll lay out all my crystals, findings, gems, ect. and let the process unfold.

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