My Awesome Discovery

I found some awesome new products to use in my jewelry design today and I can’t wait to try them.  Have you ever heard of Gilder’s paste? Well it’s fantastic stuff and fun to play around with. Looks like shoe polish. I can see all kinds of possibilities using this to create some one of a kind pieces for my shop

You can change the color of anything, now how cool is that? My head is exploding with ideas. I’ve been so busy lately getting my storefront up and running that I haven’t had much time to be creative. I’m ready to jump back into the designing side of the business now and couldn’t be happier.

My ideas tend to come just before I fall asleep so I keep a small notebook beside the bed to write them down before I forget them. My poor hubby has to deal with a flashlight flickering and the sound of the pen scratching out a picture of what’s popped into my brain while he’s trying to sleep. He’s been very supportive of my new-found destiny, so I don’t think he minds all that much. I’m so lucky!






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