Messy Workshop Blog Hop

Wow, my space is even messier than I thought, and hey, there’s that wire I was looking for yesterday. I should take pictures of my table more often, might help me find lost items faster. What a great Blog Hop idea Brenda Sue of Bsue Boutiques had with this. I wonder who’s space will be the messiest? Should we have had a contest on that? My guess is the one with the largest amount of space would win it since there’s more room to spread stuff out and lose it in.  

 I know I always wish for  more space but then I look at this mess and realize it would just grow and soon I’d be featured on an episode of Hoarders  I tend to keep everything and nothing is where it should be most of the time. I actually have a spare room I could convert but that’s where my sewing stuff is at the moment. I guess I have too many hobbies and not enough rooms. Yup , that’s right folks Irrysistable Jewels is really created on just a small table in my living room.

I tried to win the lottery so I could have the space of my dreams but didn’t even get 1 number in that. I’ve seen some beautiful spaces, all decked out with pretties on the walls and beautiful stuff to look at everywhere for inspiration. I guess I am inspired by my lack of these things to create something beautiful instead and that works for me. I do have to remember to push the chairs in before I leave since my little dog got up there and ate some yellow clay the other day. Little stinker! So much for my making daffodils until I get the store for more yellow clay anyway.

I love sculpting Polymer clay and thankfully it doesn’t require too much room to do it. When the weather is nice I can take a TV tray and sculpt out on the deck in the sunshine. Feeds my creative side and feeds my body with Vitamin D to boot! See there, now I’m trying to claim the porch for my creating space, Ha, hubby better watch out or he’ll be out in the dog house soon. I’d love to move all his tools out of the shed and set up shop in there as well but I think he might protest that idea. He’s very good-natured but I could be crossing a line there for sure!

I’ve been selected to showcase my creations for RAW Artists in Portland Oregon on May 24th at the Bossanova Ballroom so my workspace is especially messy at the moment in preparation for that event. I’m extremely excited about it and nervous at the same time. Tons of work to get finished for that so it’s keeping me away from creating for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to complete the Booth part of it and get back into sculpting in a few more days. I’ve got a few ideas for new creations rattling around my head that are just dying to be created. Here’s a few pieces that will make it into the show.

I know I’ve said that I plan on developing some tutorials for you and I DO intend on completing those when I get back. Looking forward to getting some of those done as well. I’ll be listing some new items in my Etsy shop when I return too so keep an eye out for those. It’s been a very busy couple months for me but I expect things to slow down enough soon for me to accomplish all of my ideas.

Last month I entered the Polymer Clay Central challenge and won 2nd place with my Bird in the nest piece. I am entered in the PCAGOE Monthly challenge this month too. I’ll post the link for that challenge when it’s up and running. Should be in the next couple days.  Visit my Facebook page for more information on Challenges as well.  

You can follow my blog for pics of the show in May and the tutorials coming soon. I also have a website

I should really think about cleaning this up a bit now. Hmmm, nope, I’m going blog hopping instead! See ya there! Tamara


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  1. I love the sculptures that you’ve been working on. I hope you sell all of them! Love the messy workshop space too. That is a great idea for a blog hop.

  2. kate

     /  April 27, 2012

    Your polymer clay creations are AWE INSPIRING! I enjoyed seeing your creative space!

  3. I enjoy your fine sculpture work.

  4. Your work is stunning! And isn’t it interesting how we see things quite differently than our camera “sees” them?

  5. Fabulous work as always, Tammy. My Meep sculpture is looking down on me as I write this. I feel very privileged to have known you when you were concerned about your first ball of clay…..look at you now! XOXO B’sue

  6. I love the flowers that you made. You are very talanted! You are right about more room, more mess. I have to keep mine from spilling out of my craft room! Thank heaven Eliot hasn’t developed a taste for clay. He does take my steel wool and fling it off the table or knocks things off when he stretches out.

  7. Brassy Steamington

     /  April 27, 2012

    I adore your figurine sculptures the expressions on their faces are perfection! ~Brassy

  8. Tammy I’m so glad you went into sculptures in polymer clay and have found what you love to do. You do wonderful work! Too bad about the daffodils. LOL

  9. you are not a hoarder, you are just an artist blooming with creativity! your work is beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Your work is beautiful and if you need to be a hoarder for that, you certainly have my permission.

  11. Beautiful work with clay! Wow! I loved taking a peek around your space. 🙂 Warmly, Tracy

  12. I enjoyed the tour and seeing your beautiful creations!

  13. Such a lovely, warm and ‘make yourself at home’ post this is! I smiled ’til it hurt at the bit about your dog eating your yellow clay. 🙂

  14. You know, your messes are as cute and gorgeous as your work! I love it!

  15. Oooooh wow… that chipmunk is freakin’ adorable… I can’t believe all of those are dining table creations 😉 If you hadn’t shown the photo, no one would’ve believed it. We’d all think you had one of those fancy bright studios you need the lottery winnings to fund 😉

  16. Yes, your sculptures are wonderful! Especially the chipmunk! And enjoy the PCAGOE – it’s a great, supporitive group.

  17. Beanzie-The Vintage Heart

     /  April 27, 2012

    I enjoyed this…poor little doggie thinking the yellow clay was a treat lol! Vitamin D! that is smart to sit outside…I wish I can do that but I think I would get mugged. ; ) haha! I like your creative space and I LOVE your clay creations and Bubba ; ) xoxo

  18. Your work is stunning. I love the orchid piece in your shop and the frog necklace too. It doesn’t matter what space you’re working in the magic is inside you. I love that you know that if you had a bigger space that your stash would grow too. So many people don’t realize that.

  19. I always figure that as long as the Hoarders Show doesn’t come on and show the outsideof my house I am doing ok..(that is the only show that makes me get up and throw something away) I think the best thing about this hop is that is had made me realize that even though my space isn’t all color coordinated with everything lined up just so …. that I am not the only one who creates in a whirl of mess!

  20. You are definitely in the organized chaos category. Works for me!

  21. Pamela Takeshige

     /  April 27, 2012

    I love your sea horse and sand dollar!! And your necklaces! They are TOPS! Your work space is just right! I would feel at home!!

  22. I fell in love with that adorable chipmunk, but that pink lily necklace took my breath away! What a wonderful place to create and such beautiful work!

  23. Oh my gosh….your creations are simply stunning!!! How cool that you can take your work outside. Thanks so much for sharing your space.

  24. Tammy, thanks for sharing your space with us. Congratulations on the show, your creations are just amazing. HUGS!!

  25. LOL That would be a great contest – who has the messiest space!!! I’ve seen a lot of great messes so far – but I think that really speaks to our creativity and that we are actually doing something with all of our goodies!!! =) You have a great mess to create in! And create wonderful Irrysistable things, you do! OMG I LOVE that squirrel!!! And the harp is just gorgeous!!! Thanks for having us visit your workshop!!! =)

  26. Kim

     /  April 28, 2012

    Wow your creations are beautiful, I loved seeing them. And I am in the same boat, too many interests and not enough room. Thank you for sharing your space with us!

  27. Hi Tammy~ I am still really pretty much down for the count , but I am not being a very good patient and try to get up and get on the computer, get to my polymer , It hits me how much behind I am pretend what is going on isn’t…but then the pain hits and it throws everything back into reverse and I remeber how behind all this is making me in every aspect of my life…but enough of my jibberjawin anyway…this is why I am visiting you today (Sat) rather than yesterday… I am the same way about being outside,there is so much inspiration out there, I LOVE sitting outside- especially when the butterflies and the hummers are flying around! Around here, in Ct. the Hummers are not as prevailant as I would like…I am so big on having my little gardens, but last year I wasn’t able to have my gardens, and I am bumming because most of my photos are on a laptop that crashed, and on a phone that is not in service!! OYE!! O wellwhattaya gonna do right??? I hope to get some sort of gardens planted! (KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED FOR ME!! 😀 ) wow I am writing a book here- pls just kind of overlook it- he he ha ha LOL! what is the favorite thing about polyymer clay?? I am going to post this question in my blog, so keep your eye peeled for it and answer over there ok? the thing I love about it is finding out how it comes out after being cured!! For me its like getting a prezzie everytime!! I love suprises!
    Thank you so much for sharing your space, and I guess if your puppy dog was gonna eat some clay,yellow was probablyagood choice- at least you can tell when it’s all out, right?? he he LOL!! Aww poor lil’ guy hope he didn’t get a tummy ache :(.

    ok I have taken up enough space & time~
    Happy claying!! oxo Liz/ The Polymer Geek ;-D

  28. firestormdesigns

     /  April 28, 2012

    Love your messy workspace! My four year old son got a kick out of your cute squirrel sculpture. Thanks so much for sharing your mess and your creations! 🙂

  29. Your work is simply stunning! Seeing all these “messy workspaces” makes me feel normal again! Phew!

  30. DogsMom

     /  April 28, 2012

    My eyes keep going back to that adorable chipmunk.
    I want to get back to polyclay work. There are some great advances since I played last.
    I love your idea about working out on the porch in the sunshine.

    Hope puppy doesn’t get too much of an upset tummy from eating clay!

  31. What wonderful work you do! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your space!

  32. Your work space actually looks pretty organized. Beautiful work!


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