Something is watching me as I weed the flowerbed

What a beautiful day it is here in Southern Oregon on the 4th of July! It’s a good day for weeding the ole garden,at least that’s what I told myself this morning. Since my recent surgery I haven’t been able to get out and get the weeds under control and they have just gone crazy. Out the door I go with my gloves and a garden shovel to tackle this mountain of a task but the whole time I feel like I’m being watched for some reason. I shrug off that feeling and keep on pulling the blasted weeds when suddenly I see what has been watching me. This little bird was hiding amongst the weeds just as still as it could be watching my every move and hoping I wouldn’t see it. such a cute little bird. I stopped long enough to get a picture of it and then went back to my chores. A few minutes later I see another baby bird a few feet away from the first one. Needless to say I finished what I could but left the weeds where these little babies were hiding for another day when they have flown away.

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  1. so cute!

  2. How adorable!


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