Something is watching me as I weed the flowerbed

What a beautiful day it is here in Southern Oregon on the 4th of July! It’s a good day for weeding the ole garden,at least that’s what I told myself this morning. Since my recent surgery I haven’t been able to get out and get the weeds under control and they have just gone crazy. Out the door I go with my gloves and a garden shovel to tackle this mountain of a task but the whole time I feel like I’m being watched for some reason. I shrug off that feeling and keep on pulling the blasted weeds when suddenly I see what has been watching me. This little bird was hiding amongst the weeds just as still as it could be watching my every move and hoping I wouldn’t see it. such a cute little bird. I stopped long enough to get a picture of it and then went back to my chores. A few minutes later I see another baby bird a few feet away from the first one. Needless to say I finished what I could but left the weeds where these little babies were hiding for another day when they have flown away.


Polymer clay Polar Bear

I’ve been working on this Polar Bear the last couple of days since the weather is so wet and cold outside here in Oregon. It seemed like the perfect subject to go along with the wintery mix. Although it’s not completed, I wanted to share my progress with you.

What would you do if you got Laid off today?

WOW, I just heard that Erickson Crane is laying off 20% of it’s workforce. Those poor people, I really feel for them. I live in Medford Oregon and it just made the top 5 brokest cities and now! Such scary times we live in now. My heart goes out to those who find themselves without a job.

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